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Hi, I'm Viv

I'm a "slightly" older gal with a flip-flop obsession, a habit of making up words when I can't think of the right one, and a passion for teaching watercolor. All with a Southern drawl. 

What I Do

I teach budding artists how to paint with watercolor, skipping the confusion and frustration by guiding them through my easy step-by-step method. My method allows them to confidently create beautiful watercolor paintings they're proud to show off.

Who It's For

If you've been putting off your dreams and desires of learning how to create beautiful paintings in watercolor until "someday," then this is for you. Someday has arrived. 

Want to try it out? Then take my FREE mini-course, How to Paint a Beautiful Butterfly.


More About Me

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 FREE Course

In this free course, you'll learn how to paint this gorgeous Bluebird in 7 easy step-by-step video lessons. Included in the course are;  supply list and outline drawing

 Viv's Studio Membership

Viv's Studio is a membership that offers aspiring artists monthly step-by-step watercolor tutorials, foundational art lessons, a private community, and monthly live instruction.

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Check out Viv's Blog and find tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you save time, save money, or help improve your art skills. There's something for everyone no matter your skill level.

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Viv's Studio Members are saying...

"I've had the pleasure of taking art lessons from Vivian Cooper for a couple of years. With each lesson, Viv created a new challenge. She would also ask that as students we would practice and try new challenges. Her instruction was in easily understood terms and amply explained with examples. She provided specific feedback on class projects, gently pushing me to persevere, and showing me new areas of interest."

Debbie Cupp

What's inside Viv's Studio? 

Say goodbye to all of those endless internet searches for how-to videos that leave you frustrated, confused, and feeling stuck and alone. 

I believe you don't need a ton of talent to learn how to create gorgeous paintings with watercolor. Watercolor is a set of skills anyone can learn. All you need is the desire to learn those skills, the willingness to practice those skills, and someone to teach you those skills. 


New Tutorials Each Month

Each month new and exciting tutorials are added to Viv's Studio. Each tutorial has everything you need to complete a beautiful watercolor project. You'll get a complete supply list, traceable outline drawing, reference photo, and step-by-step videos guiding you through the painting process. If you get stuck, you have the ability to ask questions and get them answered quickly. 


Live Instruction

You'll get monthly live instruction just as you would if we were together in a classroom.

Private Community

A place to meet like-minded artists, ask questions, share ideas, and celebrate your watercolor wins.

Becoming a member of Viv's Studio gives you Instant access 

to all the tools and support necessary to become the watercolor artist you dream of becoming

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Viv's Studio Members Are Saying... 

"At the beginning of my art journey, I had a lack of confidence. It was my biggest obstacle. With Vivian’s generosity of sharing her own way of tackling paintings, and teaching me the use of great painting strategies, I was able to move past the fear of failure. In Vivian’s classes, she teaches step-by-step and takes you through the entire painting process. The best technique that Vivian has taught me was wet on wet. I love to see how the paint rushes into the water on paper. It’s so satisfying to see. The most important thing I learned from Vivian’s classes was - she told us to practice every day. To draw or paint every day. Keep an art journal. Vivian’s personality is the best. She keeps the classes so fun and easy-going. She told us not to compare our artwork to others. To go at our own pace and style. Vivian has a laid-back personality. She made me feel very comfortable in her art classes."

Elizabeth Lopez

Viv's Studio Members are saying...

"About six years ago I took a 6-week watercolor course at our local high school and loved it! I struggled to find tutorials and instructions to advance my skills but then found Viv.  Her teaching style and encouragement give me the confidence to approach new, more challenging pieces." 

Carol Hartmann

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