It’s about the journey, not the destination

Creativity is personal and unique to everyone. That's why art should be fun and stress free. 

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Whether you're new to watercolor or consider yourself a pro, this free mini-course is for you. I designed this course to be fun and easy for all experience levels. Feeling less than confident in your watercolor skills? No worries, in this course I'll give you all the tools and techniques you'll need to confidently paint your own vibrant butterfly with ease. What have you got to lose? It's FREE!
What You Get:
  •  5 Step-by-Step Video Lessons
  • Supply List and reference photo
  • Traceable outline drawing
  • Access to Viv's Insiders Private Art Community
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Free Guide To My Favorite Watercolor Tools

To help save you time and money, I put together a guide to my favorite watercolor tools for beginners or those of us that are restarting our creative journey


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I’ve always believed you don't need talent to become a really good artist.

As a classically trained artist, I use my knowledge of art along with my 30+ years of experience as an artist and art instructor to empower others to reconnect with their creativity and step into who they really are.

My courses will give you the tools you need to reconnect with the most creative version of yourself.

Debbie Cupp

"Her (Viv's) instruction was in easily understood terms and amply explained with examples."

Elizabeth Lopez

"With Vivian's generosity of sharing her way of tackling paintings and teaching me the use of great painting strategies, I was able to move past my fear of failure."

Carol Hartman

"Her (Viv's) teaching style and encouragement give me the confidence to approach new more challenging pieces."